Protection of the environment is an important part of our development strategy and is directed towards the sustainable improvement of the living and working environment conditions.

The current activities of HIP AZOTARA concerning the environmental issues include the following:

Monitoring program consisting of identification, control and observation of the key characteristics of operations and activities that could affect the environment. We analyze the results and on that basis define the priorities in solving the problems.

Management of hazardous substances in HIP AZOTARA aims to provide safe working environment in accordance with all the legislative requirements.

Preventing the formation of waste and proper waste management is the best way to protect the environment. The next important step in waste management is sorting and classification. Different types of waste materials are separated, labeled and disposed of and kept at specially provided and marked locations, and then collected by appropriate service.

HIP AZOTARA has launched the initiative for the rational management of energy and natural resources and promoting the employees’ awareness of the importance of rational use and saving of the resources.

Further activities concerning the environmental issues:

  • Preventing the pollution (through sustainable development and sustainable consumption)
  • Eliminating old sources of pollution by applying the protection measures in accordance with the best available techniques (BAT)
  • Continuous improvement of the working process.

Implementing the above stated principles in HIP-AZOTARA reflects the general environmental attitudes – every individual and every organization should, in accordance with their capabilities, work on the improvement of the quality of the environment.

We wish our cooperants, suppliers, customers and the local community would respect and adopt our positive attitude towards the environment.

Let’s be responsible – healthy environment is something we wish to save for future generations.

Air protection

HIP-AZOTARA monitors and analyzes the impact of air pollutants coming from its production plants. The quantities of air pollutants are timely and objectively reported to the competent authorities, the local authorities and stakeholders.

Abatement of the total emission of air pollutants is achieved through conducting preventive, control and technical and technological measures, through removal of harmful and dangerous gases by applying adequate technological procedures, through modernization of equipment and installations, as well as by introducing new technologies.

«HIP-AZOTARA» adjusts its process activities in accordance with the meteorological data obtained from the Hydrometeorological Institute of the Republic of Serbia, on a daily basis, in order to prevent any additional harmful effects to the environment.

Waste management

Waste management in «HIP-AZOTARA» is performed in accordance with the legal requirements and «Waste Management Plan», which is regularly revised. Investments are made with the aim of improving the waste management system, i.e. maintaining the existing temporary storage facilities for waste and secondary raw materials, provision of containers for waste separation, and staff education.

Waste management is performed in such a way to ensure the lowest possible risk of any harmful effects to life and health of the people and to the environment, through control and measures prescribed by the person responsible for waste management.


Water protection


Water protection is part of our development strategy and we are constantly seeking to improve the conditions of life and work environment.

Waste waters

All the wastewaters from «HIP-AZOTARA» flow into Azotara’s wastewater canal, 1940 m long, which further flows into the Danube.

«HIP-AZOTARA» d.o.o. Pančevo is aware of the fact that, in addition to its economic significance, the Danube also represents one of the valuable natural, cultural and historical assets of Serbia. For that reason and with the aim to protect the environment, «HIP-AZOTARA»’s laboratory controls the quality of wastewaters daily, and authorized laboratories are engaged in the process in accordance with the legal requirements.


Hydrogeological objects – piezometers – were installed in «HIP-AZOTARA» in 2012, and these will be used for groundwater sampling.

Drinking water

Systematic control of drinking water is performed by an accredited company, whereas «HIP-AZOTARA»’s laboratory performs control of some parameters.


Chemicals management

«HIP-AZOTARA» fulfills its obligations as prescribed by the Law on chemicals. For all the produced and imported chemicals in «HIP-AZOTARA», the related potential risks are identified and adequate protective measures for use and handling defined. This enables further uninterrupted placement of products both at domestic and foreign markets. In order to ensure management of dangerous chemicals in such a way as to reduce risks, «HIP-AZOTARA» has appointed a professional and trained person responsible for proper management of chemicals (advisor for chemicals).

Environment protection plans

„HIP-AZOTARA“ has chosen to contribute sustainable development through systematic management of the environment as integral part of the strategy of efficient management of the company. We have in mind the long-term effects of environment pollution; we plan the solutions to the problems on middle-term basis; and we react immediately to any occurrences of pollution, by applying the most up-to-date technology in compliance with international standards. Our commitment to reducing the effects to the environment is constant. Taking into account the fact that «HIP-AZOTARA» specializes in the production of fertilizers, which is an activity likely to affect the environment, this is a challenging task.

Using the knowledge and experience of our experts, and applying the best available techniques, and at the same time strictly following the relevant legal requirements, our company successfully controls the impact it has on working and living environment.

The activities we conduct in order to monitor and control the effects to the quality of the living environment are focused on the following:

  • conducting the activities related to Seveso II Directive
  • obtaining the integrated permit (IPPC permit)
  • implementation of laws and bylaws