«HIP-AZOTARA», in cooperation with the Serbian Center for Cleaner Production and local self-government, has organized the introduction of preventive strategy of environmental protection in processes and products, with the aim to reduce the negative effects to the population and to the environment.

Cleaner production in production processes includes a more rational use of raw materials, water and energy, as well as the replacement of dangerous raw materials by environmentally more acceptable materials, and reduction of quantities and toxicity of emissions and waste into the water, air and soil.

The strategy regarding the products is focused on the reduction of all the negative effects to people and environment in the course of the whole life cycle of the product, from obtaining the raw materials to the final disposal of used products.

Cleaner production requires the introduction of know-how, technological improvements and changes both in the organization of the company and the management.

«iNTeg-Risk» PROJECT

iNTeg-Risk (Early Recognition, Monitoring and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology related Risks)

«HIP-AZOTARA», in cooperation with the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) and HIP-Petrohemija, participates in the « iNTeg-Risk » project, funded by European Union. The project covers the leading EU industries and well-recognized institutes for research and development.

Why is iNTeg-Risk important for „HIP-AZOTARA“?

  • Application of iNTeg-Risk enables monitoring of direct risks and risk assessment
  • Prevention of accidents and early detection of hazards
  • Possibility of composing safety reports
  • Razrada scenarija za potpuni obim primene i poređenje odgovarajućih bezbedonosnih izveštaja kako bi se osiguralo da se mogući domino efekti tretiraju dosledno
  • Development of scenarios for the complete range of application and comparison of relevant safety reports in order to ensure the consistent treatment of possible domino effects
  • Identification of „influential area“ in the Southern Industrial Zone in Pančevo.
  • Identification of industrial and transport activities involving hazardous materials and defining significant sources of risk