• Port
  • Railroad transport department
  • Road and internal transport department and
  • Vehicle maintenance department vozila

Water transport

The dock and the canal are located in the vicinity of Belgrade, at 1152,3 km in length of the River Danube. The dock is a basin type, 1800 m long and 80-450 m wide. The dock complex connects: the Danube, the railroad with the marshalling yard (Serbian railway system) and international road E-70.

The port has the following capacities:

  • the dock
  • quay wall
  • 3 (three) elevator cranes with devices for grabbing and transporting cargo
  • Transporter (belt) for limestone unloading
  • Limestone feed hopper
  • Loading/unloading rack

Due to the reinforced banks of the landing basin of the canal and the quay this port is unique in the country, used for heavy weight cargo up to 400t. Elevator cranes. Manufacturer Cereti Tarfani – Italy. Each of the cranes has a capacity up to 5 t. Crane-grabbers for unloading bulk cargo have the capacity up to 2,5t.

Railroad transport

Railroad transport service performs manoeuvring at industrial tracks of “HIP-Azotara” and “HIP-Petrohemija”, provides service to loading – unloading stations, and performs technical handover of the trains with ‘Serbian Railways’. We have the necessary equipment and personnel for providing manoeuvring services to third parties.

The railroad transport department is equipped by the following:

  • 15,2 km of railway tracks
  • 5 (five) locomotives
  • 1 (one) weighbridge
  • 1 (one) locomotive depot

The main station is “Pančevo-Varoš”, whereas technical handover of the trains with ‘Serbian Railways’ is performed in the marshalling yard of HIP Azotara.

Road – internal transport

Road – internal transport department provides service to the operational units within the company.

Internal transport handles app. 800.000 t of raw materials/fertilizers through:

  • loading the raw materials for the production of NPK fertilizers
  • dispatching of final product – NPK fertilizers
  • dispatching of carbamide
  • loading limestone at CAN
  • dispatching of CAN fertilizer

Road transport: passenger cars are used by the commercial sector (sales, purchasing); emergency vehicle is used for interventions ordered by the attending operator (24 hours on duty); trucks are used for the transport of spare parts, oils-lubricants, for the needs of purchasing department; tractors are used for the needs of internal transport and the factory retail store; forklifts are used wherever they are required in the factory; weighbridges perform all the weighing of final products leaving the factory by road, and also all the weighing of raw and processed materials arriving at the factory by road.

Road-internal transport department has the following fleet of vehicles:

  • 9 (nine) loaders
  • 2 (two) excavators
  • 1 (one) bulldozers
  • 3 (three) passenger cars
  • 1 (one) van
  • 3 (three) trucks