REACH stands for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”.

REACH is the regulation of the European Union EC 1907/2006 which entered into force in June 2007, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry.

In principle, REACH applies to all chemical substances, not only those used in industrial processes but also the ones we use in our everyday lives, for example in cleaning products, paints, articles such as clothes, furniture and electrical appliances.

REACH places the burden of proof on companies. To comply with the regulation, companies must identify and manage the risks linked to the substances they manufacture and market in the Eropean Union. Companies have to demonstrate to ECHA how the substance can be safely used, and they must communicate the risk management measures to the users.

If the risks cannot be managed, authorities can restrict the use of substances in different ways. Most hazardous chemical substances should be substituted with less dangerous ones.

REACH establishes procedures for collecting and assessing information on the properties and hazards of chemical substances.

ECHA receives and evaluates individual registrations for their compliance, and the EU Member States evaluate selected substances in order to clarify initial concerns regarding the human health or the environment. ECHA authorities assess whether the risks of substances can be managed.

Authorities can ban hazardous substances in case their risks are unmanageable. They can also decide to restrict the use of some substance or require a prior authorisation.

All substances manufactured or imported in European Union in quantities larger than one ton per year must be registered at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) within a certain deadline, which depends on the quantities of the chemicals.

This obligation does not formally apply to manufacturers/exporters outside the European Union, but it applies to their European customers, which would individually be obliged to conduct registration. In order to avoid that, a legal form of Only Representative was introduced, to represent non-EU manufacturers before the European Chemicals Agency.

HIP AZOTARA DOO is pleased to inform its customers and suppliers that all REACH obligations have been fulfilled and that the European Chemicals Agency issued a positive decision on registration of substances produced by HIP-Azotara.

Requested data on substances and their use, customers and suppliers have been collected and systemized, thus including HIP-Azotara in data exchange within the global European network of chemical manufacturers and users. This enables futher undisturbed placement and sale of HIP-Azotara’s products in the EU market.

In order to obtain the permission to use REACH registration of substances, we kindly ask our customers to submit their request to HIP-Azotara’s Sales Department to get the relevant documents and to bring our cooperation to a higher level.

REACH Registration Statement