Ammonia is used for the production of nitric acid, CAN, UREA and ammonium nitrate.

It is widely used in chemical industry and is delivered to the end users as ammonia, liquid, anhydrous (NH3 99,5% min.) and in the form of nitric solutions as:

  • Ammonia water-DIXOL 205 (20,5% N) and
  • Nitric solutions: DIXOL 280 (28,0% of nitrogen); DIXOL 330 (33,0% of nitrogen); DIXOL 410 (41,0% of nitrogen) and DIXOL 447 (44,7% of nitrogen)

Ammonia, liquid, anhydrous is widely used in chemical and textile industry, as well as in food industry for the freezing of food.

Ammonia water is used in the beverage industry, for the production of synthetic silk, in medicine, households, and in printing (copying) machines using ozolid paper.

Nitric solutions are used in fertilizers industry as components for the production of compound fertilizers, for the production of ammonia salts and other nitric compounds used for industrial purposes. They are widely applied in agriculture as nitric fetrilizers.