Tending to satisfy the needs of our customers, we are constantly expanding our product range. Therefore, we have recently started producing liquid nitrogen fertilizer UAN – Urea ammonium nitrate – 28% N, 30% N and 32% N.

Meeeting the needs of agricultural producers, in addition to the standard 50 kg bags, we have also brought to the market our products in 25 kg bags.

For the needs of small agricultural producers, within our range of products we offer “AZOSTART” line of products packed in 5kg bags.


The “AZOSTART” line of products includes the following

  • CAN 27% N
  • UREA 46% N
  • SAN 33% N
  • NPK 15:15:15
  • NPK 10:30:20
  • NPK 6:18:35
  • NPK 9:18:27
  • NP 20:20