“HIP-Azotara” Pančevo is one of the leading producers of mineral fertilizers and nitric compounds in the region and the only producer of ammonia, carbamide (UREA) and ammonium nitrate in Serbia.


Our main products are mineral fertilizers:

  • CAN
  • UREA – Carbamide
  • SAN
  • UAN
  • NPK


In addition to mineral fertilizers, our production plants also produce:

  • ammonia, liquid, anhydrous, concentrated min. 99,5%
  • nitric acid (technical,purum) concentrated up to 56%
  • ammonium nitrate (technical) various concentrations
  • nitric solutions (ammonia water-DIXOL 205, DIXOL 280, DIXOL 330, DIXOL 410, DIXOL 447)


Technical compressed gases:

  • carbon dioxide
  • synthesis gas
  • industrial air

We have the capacity of supplying the market with large amounts of distilled water.


We provide the following services:

  • quality and quantity control of the products and of their impact on the environment
  • quality control of the equipment
  • inspection and receiving inspection
  • corrosion inspection and materials protection
  • transport